Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Another Christmas is over and I am just worn out. We had a good one albeit slim. This economy has everyone in a tight spot this year.I did get a really cute pair of cowgirl boots and some Farmgirl apparel.
Lliam received mostly what he had asked Santa for. I think his most favorite thing was the Wii Harry Potter game he received from my mother. (see the expression on his face?)It was the very last thing his grandpa bought for him before he passed away. When I told Lliam this, he nearly burst into tears and ran to my mother for a big hug.

My grandpa is so very difficult to get gifts for. He is 92 years young and always says he doesn't want us to spend our money on him. Well, I just cannot justify this as he has always done so much for us. He had made a comment a few weeks ago about his bedroom being cold and having a hard time falling asleep between the icy cold sheets. He had thought about getting a small heater to put in there and then decided against that as it would increase his electric bill. So I thought and thought and thought about how to make is room warmer. This year I gave him flannel sheets. He said in all his 92 years, he had never had a set of flannel sheets. After I was sure he liked them, I put them on his bed (along with another blanket) and washed and dried the sheets I removed. I do hope it helps.
We are planning on starting a new little country market in 2009. It won't be much to start with as we won't have much to put in it. We are going to offer soaps, lip balms and other bath type products that are organic or mostly organic. We are also still shooting for the horse hotel. I am also going to offer upcycled aprons and other cutsie farmgirl things.